Moving SVN Repositories

I recently relocated a number SVN repositories to a new hosting provider. To do so I ended up merging ideas from a number of different locations, so here is a quicknote that summarizes the various steps, both for the server & working copies: ¬†Moving the Repository On old host: Dump the entire repository to a… Continue reading Moving SVN Repositories

Syntax Highlighting for GAMS in TextWrangler/BBEdit

I do a lot of GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) model development on my Mac, but there is no graphical interface under OSX. So I put together a simple language module (syntax highlighting plug-in) for my favorite Mac text editor: Text Wrangler, which is the free, but still feature rich version of BBEdit. The plug-in… Continue reading Syntax Highlighting for GAMS in TextWrangler/BBEdit